About Robert Mack

I became a keen photographer in my early teens; mostly taking photos of friends, parties, travels and motorbikes.

Our first son was born in 2002, our 2nd in 2004 and I wanted to remember and treasure every moment of their Journey. By age 6, the boys started playing Football and participating in School Athletics; both sports present excellent opportunities to capture some great images. As my photography skills improved, many of my sons' friends parents asked me to take photos of their kids and often the teams that we played against. I upgraded my Camera from a Canon D60, to a 7D to a 5DMK3, with an 28-300 “L” series professional lens. With the full frame sensor and a professional quality lens, the image quality is as good as and often better than many pro photographers.

Dozens of parents and friends told me to sell my photos, they would be glad to pay. My journey into professional photography has now begun.

If you buy a photo or photos, you will be helping me to invest in an even better Cameras and lenses... so I can take even more awesome photos!

Many Thanks for visiting my web site and for your support!

I hope that I have captured some special moments that you and your family will enjoy today and for many years to come!

Kind Regards

I have a Enhanced Disclosure CRB clearance Certificate and have a stringent Child Protection Policy in place. This can be viewed by clicking the about option in the menu bar; you can then select Child Protection Policy.